Ultrasonic Cavitation


Our HyperSculpt Program is a Custom Program tailored made for each individual that Combines the use of WholeBody Hyperthermia with Ultrasonic Cavitation.

What Is Ultrasonic Cavitation? Ultrasonic Cavitation – is a non-invasive revolutionary new technology which utilizes low frequency ultrasound waves to destroy fat cells.  Through cavitation, you can slim down in a shorter period of time with just a small number of treatments without the need undergoing surgeons’ knife and anesthesia.  In many cases results can be seen from the first session.

curvesHow Does It Work? Ultrasonic cavitation machines send sound waves of a specific frequency into the parts of the body where the body fat is to be reduced.  Sound waves travel into the fatty tissue and cause “cavitations” in these tissues.  This is similar to the effect of a boat propeller underwater. These cavitations dissolve the fatty tissue while leaving other tissue intact.

Improved Circulation and Lymphatic Drainage:  In addition to helping you to get rid of fat, ultrasonic cavitation also encourages better circulation and flow between the circulatory and the lymphatic system. The vibrations caused by the sonic waves encourage the circulatory system and the interconnected lymphatic system to take up the dissolved tissue and deliver it to the interstitial fluid. It is then processed into glycerol and free fatty acids. The glycerol becomes new energy and the free fatty acids are metabolized by the liver and the kidneys. cavitate

Who Can Benefit? The Ultrasonic Cavitation treatment is suitable for males and females who want to get rid of the stubborn fat accumulation non-surgically in the areas such as stomach, tights, bottom and arms without any downtime.  The number and quality of sessions yields better results and depends highly on the individual body condition and the area to be treated. Results vary – many times you can see results as from the first session but 3 to 6 sessions or more are recommended to achieve personal desired outcome.

Ultrasonic Cavitation Fat Removal Benefits: Using ultrasonic cavitation as an alternative to liposuction is a relatively recent development. It was first used in this capacity in 2005 by Italian doctors. Since then, its use for body sculpting has spread all over Europe and Canada, and now onto the US.  You will notice the three major benefits of ultrasonic cavitation are body fat reduction, improved circulation, and whole body detoxification.

Whole Body Detoxification: With all of the chemicals that we ingest every day in our food and inhale in the air we breathe, not to mention, lifestyle choices; our bodies are full of toxins. Ultrasonic cavitation helps to reduce the levels of toxins in the body as a byproduct of fat cell destruction. The body’s fat stores are the preferred place for toxins to be deposited. When you lose fat, you also reduce the amount of toxins that your body has accumulated. In addition, the increased circulation encourages the body to quickly metabolize and excrete them.  Revolutionary ultrasonic cavitation has major benefits!  It is a non-invasive alternative to liposuction, and other therapies.


  NO pain, NO downtime, NO risk of infection, and NO compromise of comfort or convenience… with real results.