Medical Massage Services


Our medical massage therapist is trained to identify abnormally tense and rigid soft tissue such as muscle, ligaments, fascia, and the articulations of the body and then apply a scientifically based system of corrective techniques. The focus of the medical massage is to provide treatment only on the areas of the body related to the diagnosis and prescription from your doctor.

Rates Vary based on Injury and Diagnosis.  In some cases we are able to bill your insurance. Please contact us to find out more info.


Pain Management Massage

There are many factors that aggravate and contribute to pain.  Chronic conditions such as Fibromyalgia and arthritis are two debilitating issues among a host of other issues that can be positively impacted by massage therapy.   In a study of massage therapy for knee osteoarthritis, a group receiving massage therapy for the pain showed significant improvement in pain reduction, enhanced mobility and better physical function.

This treatment helps individuals to naturally improve their quality of life.  This massage helps to release chronic tension through slow, deliberate strokes on contracted muscles, tendons and fascia. It will help you to relieve chronic tension and acute muscle spasms.  Our goal is to help individuals to achieve a deeper more restorative sleep, decrease anxiety, elevate mood and reduce pain by helping to increase serotonin levels.

60 min -$85.00

90 min – $125.00

Lymphatic Massage

Lymphatic massage is a gentle detox treatment that helps to stimulate the lymphatic system and timproves metabolism.  It serves to promote the removal of bodily toxins and waste while encouraging a healthy immune system.

The massage works by working with the body’s own lymphatic system. The lymphatic system is responsible for immune system regulation and fluid and waste removal. It is what helps rid the body of any toxins that may cause illness. When the lymphatic system slows down or becomes blocked, then fluids begin to build up, causing the whole body to feel tired and heavy, making us susceptible to catching sicknesses.

By stimulating the lymph nodes through massage, it helps to clear any blockages and gives the lymphatic system a boost keeping it running healthy and strong. This in turn keeps your body free of toxins and illness and while also creating a stronger immune system.

Lymphatic massage is an excellent treatment on its own or we can use it in combination with other massage techniques such as deep tissue or Swedish massage. Since it consists of only soft, rhythmic motion, the technique can be used on even the gentlest of areas including areas of the body that are swollen.

The massage is good for individuals who frequently suffer from illnesses, a faulty immune system, sports injuries, depression and emotional problems, stress, and low energy. It has been shown to have positive effects on the skin, to produce energy, and to help with respiratory problems.

60 min -$85.00

90 min – $125.00