Our Practitioners

Akua Maat: Clinical Hypnotherapy/ Certified Massage Therapist- CAMTC#57526

akua drum 2Akua is a Certified Medical Massage Practitioner who has taken extensive training in Oncology Massage.  This training allows her to make adaptations in regards to positioning, pressure, pace, or site considerations related to concerns like medical devices, side effects of drug treatments, surgery or radiation, compromised lymph nodes or blood cell counts as well as other concerns unique to your particular needs.  As a result, she is able to modify and perform  massage on clients in active treatment, recently in recovery or during end-of-life care.  In fact, she has even performed massages on patients in various Infusion centers while clients were receiving chemotherapy.

Akua is a Master Hypnotherapist who utilizes a wholistic approach to dealing with health and wellness.  Therefore, she utilizes various forms of healing and techniques that are rooted firmly in natural medicine traditions. This form of healing views the individual as an integrated whole of body, mind and spirit that is also part of a larger and greater wholeness. It encourages the body’s natural healing mechanisms to improve the functioning of the central nervous system, to dissipate the negative effects of stress, and enhances overall vitality.  She has extensive training in Past Life Regression, Soul Retrieval, Soul Fragmentation as well as helping to eliminate Fears, Phobias, anxiety and Stress Reduction.

Akua’s background encompasses training in the areas of Therapeutic Massage which includes: Medical Massage, Oncology Massage, Acupressure, Deep Tissue, Hydrotherapy,  Lymphatic Massage, Thai Massage, Cupping Therapy, Moxibustion,Foot Reflexology, Craniosacral Therapy, Polarity Therapy, Aromatherapy, Swedish Massage, Hot Stone/Cold Stone Massage Therapeutic Touch plus, more. In addition, she is a Reiki Master Teacher Trainer.

As a firm believer in using an individualize approach with every client, Akua makes custom oil and unique herbal blends during each and everyone of her massage, body wrap, hydrotherapy and hyperthermia treatments. Every Body is different and therefore Everyone is treated with unique and quality care catered to their individual needs.

Dr. Ahmses Maat is a 2004 martial arts Hall of Fame inductee – fifth degree black belt that offers self-defense and Egyptian Tai Chi Instruction.  He is the developer of Maat Thermal Therapy which utilizes whole body hyperthermia in conjunction with nutritional and detox support to help individuals improve overall health and vitality.  He specializes in complementary and natural healing methods all the while publishing research within standard health care practices.

ahmsesphotoDr. Maat is a Registered Respiratory Therapist, Certified Clinical Perfusionist and Doctorate of Metaphysics.  He is employed at Desert Regional Medical Center to provide life support perfusion services on the open heart team.

Courses: American Heart Association (AHA) – Health Care Provider BLS / CPR / First AID.  AHA Certification in BCLS- CPR is mandatory for all health care professionals.